Top 5 Tipsters in Nigeria


The business of online betting is booming in Nigeria and given the popularity amongst Nigerians, it can only get bigger.
More and more operators are obtaining licenses from the regulatory authorities, the Nigeria Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) to start operations in Nigeria.
The influx of these igaming companies both local and foreign into the Nigerian market may not be unconnected to the readily available market and economic reasons.

Many young Nigerians now consider online betting as a way of escaping the current harsh economic conditions. While the much sought after success may be dependent on a number of factors, many have had life changing winnings via sports betting.
Now, many who have experienced that level of success repeatedly have now taken it upon themselves to avail other Niger heir expertise by providing tips on different sporting events.
A few individuals have carved a niche for themselves as the go to persons Nigerians look up to for possible life changing betting tips.

From time to time, these individuals share their picks via different social media platforms with varying degrees of success in terms of winnings.
They share betting tips and show their followers how to take advantage of freebies like the Betway Bonus and much more.
Let’s take a look at some of Nigeria’s most popular Tipsters.

Mr Bayo
If you are a regular on Twitter, especially if you keep your eyes on the online betting Twitter, chances are that you must have heard of Mr Bayo.
Mr Bayo has made a lot of fortune by staking and winning millions of Naira from sports betting.
Quite a number of his followers on his platform have also benefited from his deep knowledge of sports betting.
If you want to get up and running with online betting, you would do well to keep your eyes on his page.

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Mr Jollof
Mr Jollof is a man of many parts. He became popular for his comic posts and submissions on trending issues spanning politics, entertainment and sports.
But he showed he is also adept at making a fortune from sports betting.
The Delta state based Tipster has a knack for backing underdogs and that style has won him some cool cash.
He has won millions of Naira on different sports betting platforms.

Ekiti Pikin
Ekiti Pikin is one of the youngest Tipsters with a cult-like following on Twitter.
He earned a reputation for big wins with millions of Naira under his belt across different online betting sites.
Many of his followers have also benefited from his tips and from time to time, people have showered encomium on him for providing winning tips.

Sporting King
The man widely known as Sporting King is yet another highly respected tipster out of Nigeria.
He has made a name for himself and his following is growing by the day.
There is hardly a week without recording a monstrous win.

Next time you are looking for some inspiration to make some extra cash from sports betting, you miay have to take some from these guys who are proven winners.

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