Understanding the rules of an UFC match


Let’s discuss a bit about how a UFC match looks like. Here there are 2 warriors geared up for battle, ready to flex their skills in one of the most intense combat sports ever. Feel free to visit the website 1xbet.ng/en – online sports betting can also be made on all participants of these incredible contests too.

So, in the UFC, there are different weight classes, from featherweight (up to 145 pounds or 65 kilograms) to heavyweight (over 205 pounds or 93 kilograms). Each class has its own mix of 3 unique elements, which are:

  • size;
  • speed;
  • and power.

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Regulations that cover different elements

Now, when the bell rings, and the fists start flying, there are some ground rules that everybody must adhere too. In 1st place, we should talk about fight time. Most UFC bouts go for 3 rounds, each lasting 5 minutes. But if it’s a championship or main event, you’re looking at 5 rounds. This means that fights can last between 15 and 25 minutes in total. The profitable on line betting platform 1xBet can always be used to wager on everything that can happen during this time period too.

The 2nd aspect is related to the winning moves. Victory can come from 4 things: knocking your opponent out, a technical knockout, submission, or by decision. Knockout is when a fighter can’t keep going after a solid hit, and technical knockout is when the ref stops the fight because one fighter can’t defend himself. When making profitable betting on line with 1xBet you can also wager on how a match is likely to end too.

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Submissions happen when a fighter is unable to move because his opponent is holding him in a fixed position. Finally, if there’s no clear winner, judges weigh on 4 things: striking, grappling, aggressiveness, and control. With this criteria in mind they choose the champion.

Keeping things under control

While fighters can unleash all sorts of moves, there are some big no-nos. You are invited to explore 1xbet.ng/en/line/ufc and wager on what moves a fighter is likely to use too. There are 4 things that are totally illegal, which are eye gouging, groin strikes, headbutting, and hitting the back of the head or spine.

UFC has also cracked down on weight cutting. This occurs when fighters drop kilograms before a bout. They’re serious about keeping fighters healthy, with early weigh-ins and penalties for missing weight.

Despite the fierce fights, there’s a code of respect. Trash-talking and bad behavior can get you in trouble. It’s not just about throwing fists; it’s about showing some sportsmanship too. For all those reasons, visiting 1xBet to wager on the UFC can be so interesting.


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