The World Boxing Association


Boxing has plenty of organizations that regulate its championships and keep the sport alive. Right now you can earn on 1xBet by placing wagers on the best boxing matches too. There are 3 notable examples, which are:

  • the WBC;
  • the IBF;
  • and the WBA.

Let’s talk about the 3rd of them, the WBA. It has existed since 1921. THis means they have been shaping the boxing scene for more than 100 years. During that period, they have also been important protagonists in deciding who are the best boxers in the world. Punters can earn with 1xBet with their wagers on boxing matches, where the best performers of this sport are featured.

Different championships

When you look at the WBA, you will notice they have plenty of different titles in different weight classes. 3 examples of these competitions are the WBA World Championship, the WBA Super World Championship and the WBA Gold Championship. It might be a bit overwhelming with all these belts flying around, but each one represents a different level of prestige in the boxing world. Right now it is possible to go to – sports line betting can also be made on the champions of all WBA instances too.

Now, let’s talk about a few numbers. The WBA has champions in 17 different weight divisions. This means that the total number of boxers participating for a chance to earn those titles is simply enormous. If you want to wager on different boxing weight classes, you are invited to perform sports line betting at the 1xBet website.


But it’s not just about giving out belts. The WBA also has rules and regulations in place. They have got criteria for many things, with 3 examples being who gets a shot at the title, drug testing, and even how they pick officials for fights. It’s all about keeping things fair and square.

Some controversies

Now, like any big organization, the WBA isn’t without its controversies. Some people have raised issues about too many champions in 1 weight class, which can confuse fans and water down the significance of the titles. You can always make secure betting on virtual sports at 1xBet, where there are virtual counterparts of fighting disciplines too.

But controversy aside, the WBA has left a huge mark on boxing. From legends like Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson to the rising stars today, every boxer dreams of holding a WBA title high and making history. If you want to wager on these champions, you can make secure betting on them at 1xBet, where virtual sports can be found too.


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