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We all know it somehow. Some more, some less. We are not in a relationship, friends and family are busy. And we are bored. So what has a person to do? Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, many people face this challenge. It does not necessarily mean you can not be alone. It would just be nice sometimes to have someone around to play 22Bet with. But never before has it been so difficult to invite friends or even visit family as it has been in the last two years. So during that time, it was a real problem that people often got bored and then felt alone.

The entertainment industry can not really be considered a victim of this crisis. After all, subscriptions to music and video streaming services increased, which secured their revenues.

But let us face it. At some point, you can not watch TV anymore. Even if it is your favorite show or movie.

Another notable trend was the growing number of users of various platforms for learning new skills or languages. Duolingo or Babbel, for example. Some were trying to deepen their knowledge, others thought, hey, I want to learn Japanese. Certainly, time was not really an issue anymore because there were lockdowns and restrictions. But of course, they totally disrupted our daily routine.

Another desired skill we wanted to learn during Corona had to do with technology and computers. For example, how to work with Excel, how to invest. Graphic design and much, much more. These undoubtedly fit perfectly on the resume as well.

Others focused more on discovering their creative side. They just started painting or even learning an instrument. Online, of course, but it is still a very nice way to keep busy. It might even be something they would not have tried if it were not for Covid-19.

Some got into deep thought about their future. Important questions needed to be answered. For example, am I happy? Will this job take me further? Is this what I wanted?

Walking into the abyss is dangerous, but helpful.


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Now that Corona has been mined, what are the upcoming entertainment trends for the next few years?

Well, what we can take away from the crisis is the increasing popularity of social video. People are spending hours on their phones watching teens dance or create funny clips on either Instagram or TikTok. This is definitely going to continue. TikTok is leading this trend. Its searches are up 9,300% in the last 5 years. That is huge.

With the lifting of restrictions, we are free to travel again. That means we will see more and more travel videos from – almost – all over the world. Thanks to the spread of 5G in even better quality and with a faster download rate.

Another trend that has also gained momentum from the pandemic is video streaming services. Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime have all made gains.

The same is true for cloud gaming. The new releases of Xbox and Playstation have clearly helped this trend. To match this trend, we are seeing a rise in esports. More and more people are following these events and watching videos and tutorials.

The rise in subscribers to podcasts is related to the wide range of offerings that are out there. There are audio books, political podcasts or just for entertainment. The problem is that the demand has increased. Maybe because you can listen to a podcast while doing something else. Cleaning, for example. Whatever the case, it is obvious that this trend is growing. At some point, it will even replace the news on TV.

These trends will most likely stick around. The markets behind them will increase significantly.


But there are also non-digital ways to stay engaged. For example, the most classic way: reading a book. It sounds boring at first, but the world behind it is extraordinary. There are so many genres to explore.

But this trend can also be connected to social media. If you feel the need to do so. There are many accounts that recommend good books and make a whole lifestyle out of it.

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